Shonan Toastmasters Club in Fujisawa
Message from Our President:
Welcome to Shonan Toastmasters Club’s Website.

Welcome to Shonan Toastmasters Club’s website and thank you for your interest in us!

This is an English learning club, but not limited to that alone. What are you looking for? Improving your English speaking skills? Or trying to speak more fluently in front of many people without being nervous? Yes, you can! This club will certainly help you to achieve your goals. We have about 40 members. Most of them not only speak English very well, but also have strong business backgrounds and rich experience in their careers. If you are not confident in your English, don’t worry! We will welcome and support you warmly. If you are afraid to speak in public, again don’t worry! All of us are very friendly. We will encourage you to try again and again with our helpful advice, and someday, you will surprisingly find you are not as nervous as before when speaking in front of people. Furthermore, you can also improve your leadership skills through taking on some responsibilities. 

I used to be shy and couldn’t speak English well, especially, in front of people. However, after a lot of frustration, I finally recognized that I had to be a good communicator if I wanted to succeed in my career. The action I took was by joining Shonan Toastmasters Club. Fortunately, it turned out that my decision was correct! Since joining in 2012, my English speaking ability and presentation skills have improved significantly, I feel more confident in speaking in front of a lot of people. Now, I am president of this club, after experiencing various other positions, which gave me many opportunities to understand how to serve as a leader. I believe my leadership skills will improve greatly through doing my best in this position.

You are browsing this website, just as I did about 4 years ago. At that time, I did not hesitate to visit the club as a guest, after which I joined it, though I couldn’t express myself clearly in English and so I worried whether or not I would be welcomed. How about you? Please remember that you are always welcome to visit us regardless of what level your English is. 


Liang Chen, TM

Voices of Our Members:
"What's so good about being a toastmaster in Shonan Toastmasters Club?"
We are sharing our thoughts on the question here with you.

1. I always consider something in English, which will help me with aging prevention.

2. Everytime I have some purposes rhythmically more than routine.

3  I am blessed with a lot of good friends regardless of gender and generation.(Y.H.)

1. When we go to foreign countries, we can visit the clubs in those countries.  We have friends all over the world.  I have so far visited 8 clubs in foreign countries. 

2. At a regular meeting, we can listen to various kinds of speeches. It's a lot of fun to listen to them. (N.N)

I always listen to the radio program to learn English. And by participating in Shonan Toastmasters club, I can use English and listen to the members’ fluent English. I have many opportunities to progress my English skills.(A.N.)

  can use English.

  can cultivate communication skills.
  get to know various kinds of people.
  get good stimulations and activates my      brain.

  broaden my knowledge by listening to       other members' speeches.(A.S)

Getting to know the new poeple is one of the advantages of Toastmasters.
Even experienced TMs can learn new things from new members.(Y.H.)

I can tell my communication and leadership skills I have learned here in STMCreally make good use of my life,such as jobs,relationship of family and friends.(Y.T.)

STMC provides me with the chances to speak English. It also gives me the opportunity to share the ideas and thoughts with the similar-minded people in a friendly atmosphere.(A.T.)

Since I joined this club, I became very enthusiastic to study English.I put my emphasis to increase my vocaburary.
It's very difficult to remember new words because of my age.(Y.M.)

It has passed just four months since I became a member of STMC.I had two times for prepared speeches. Drafting speeches, I accessed the Internet, went to the public library and bought some reference. I've never studied English hard like that. More than that, it is great to make the acquaintance of all members.(E.M.)

1. Toastmasters provide us with opportunities to use real English in Japan.

2. Toastmasters are diligent in learning English and communication skills.

3. In this club, we can meet
superb and intellectual ladies.(J.A.)

1. Generally speaking the marital relationship tends to become as thin as an air when we get older each other. However this doesn’t go for our case., because my wife is very much interested in English as well as computer. My success in this club is due entirely to my wife’s support.

2. To tell you the truth, I’ve lived rather longer and met many various kinds of people so far. However nothing is more pleasant than to have been able to meet such many excellent, attractive  and talented people after joining this club. This is the best things about being a toastmaster for me. If I haven’t joined this club, my life would have been very boring one in my later years.

3. I’d like to continue to be a member as far as I can enjoy toastmastering. (O.S)

Good about being a toasmaster is that I am winning competitions in real life by leveraging skills learned at Toastmasters.

First time, I received a management award for outstanding contribution to technology from the Vice-President of General Electric Aircraft Engines, Cincinnati, Ohio after presenting my technical project to General Electric leadership at Bangalore, India.

Second time, I received best speaker award from Mayor of Chigasaki for my Japanese speech. Although all other participants know Japanese language better than me, but I could receive the award because of my toastmastering skills. Out of the 8 participants, 6 persons are from China and one person from Indonesia and I am the only person from India. Now, as Secretary of STMC, I am not only improving my communication skills but also improving my leadership skills.(C.N.)

Evaluation program to improve communication skill was helpful for raising children healthy.I have two sons. Even when they were teens and were in a phase of resistance, I was able to consider the trouble objectively, to evaluate it in a constructive way and
to solve it peacefully.Now that they are in their 20's, I believe a lot of conversation among family members shows our good relationship.(S.S.)
Being a Toastmaster is so good because it makes my life rhythmical.  I belong to three Toastmasters clubs, Shonan, Kamakura, and Tokyo Phoenix TMCs.
In particular, we have always to prepare something before attending Tokyo Phoenix, since some special programs are adopted as one of the two advanced clubs in Japan. Attending the regular meetings of the three clubs six times a month makes my life considerably rhythmical.  On the other hand, I am a little too busy in participating in Tokyo Phoenix on 2nd and 4th Fridays and Shonan on 2nd and 4th Saturdays in a row.(Y.O.)

What do you think? If you would like to get such benefits too, why don't you join us?
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