Shonan Toastmasters Club in Fujisawa
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Regular Meetings:
Green are held on the second and fourth Saturdays every month except August.  the calendar

are held in Fujisawa Shoko Kaikan, #503 meeting room.
the map

have fixed time schedule of 2 hours and a half from 14:00 - 16:30.
        the timetable
mainly consists of the following three sessions.
1) Table Topic Session
An impromptu speech on a given theme is delivered by an appointed member. This is intended to learn how to think effectively and to improve one's speech construction ability.
2) Prepared Speech Session:
A member designated in advance delivers a prepared speech based on the manual that is sent from the headquaters in the USA. The speech is done within the limited time.( Four or five members deliver the prepared speeches at every meeting..
3) Evaluation Session:
There is no instructor in this club. A constructive evaluation is given to each prepared speech by an evaluator designated in advance based on the objectives stipulated in the manual.
4) Voting for the three sessions:
A vote is taken for the best speaker after each session, and the results
are announced at the end of each meeting.
Roles in the meeting:
Green In the meeting, some members are designated in advance to have roles to manage the meeting smoothly such as chairperson, prepared speakers, timer, vote counter, evaluators and etc.

In this way, English abilities and leadership management are gradually improve through accumulated experiences in line with the manual and mutual study and suppport and evaluation from members.
Green Besides the regular meeting, we have various types of speech contests ,
workshops, parties and a summer camp. They bring us great opportunities
for our improvement in many aspects and ,of course, a lot of fun.